Dr. Tabár Contributes to New Book on Breast Cancer Management

Dr. László Tabár and his research group contributed their thoughts, opinions and insight to a new book titled Breast Cancer – An New Era of Management, edited by Drs. Darius S. Francescatti and Melvin J. Silverstein.  This book provides a compendium of succinct analysis of the many facets involved in the present day management of the breast cancer patient.

Their contributions can be read in Chapter 2: The Impact of Mammography Screening on the Diagnosis and Management of Early-Phase Breast Cancer.  This book chapter is a most comprehensive overview that discusses:

  • The history of breast cancer control
  • The scientific evidence proving that early breast cancer leads to a significantly decreased mortality from the disease
  • Why mammography screening is not controversial; and
  • Modern thoughts about improving the terminology of breast cancer subtypes and much more. 

The Key Points at the end of each chapter helps the reader memorize the most important message of that chapter.