(3D Book) Ductal adenocarcinoma of the breast (DAB) Part 2.




These volumes have inbuilt stereoscopic glasses with the help of which you can see real three-dimensional histopathology images of the facing page.

Breast cancers originating from the major milk ducts (breast cancer of ductal origin, DAB) occasionally cause axillary lymph node metastases which are similar in appearance at histology to DAB in the breast. Regardless of whether or not the myoepithelial cell layer is demonstrable, the decisive question is how do the duct-like structures arise inside the lymph nodes? Although the histopathologic appearance will be termed by pathologists as invasive cancer, i.e., when found in the prostate or in the axillary lymph node(s). A similar histopathologic appearance is termed “DCIS” when found in the breast. In reality, we face “duct forming invasive cancer” with poor outcome (neoductgenesis) in the breast, in the prostate and in the axillary nodes.

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