(3D Book) Diffusely invasive breast cancer Part 1.




These volumes have inbuilt stereoscopic glasses with the help of which you can see real three-dimensional histopathology images of the facing page.

This volume describes a breast cancer subtype that is a substantial challenge for the entire breast cancer team. The clinical, imaging and outcome observations indicate that diffusely infiltrating breast cancer represents a very unusual breast malignancy, regardless of whether it is E-cadherin negative or positive. All aspects of the diffusely infiltrating breast cancer suggest that it may have a site of origin different from all other breast cancers. We propose that it originates from the mesenchymal stem cells/progenitors through a complex process of epithelial-mesenchymal transformation and predominantly mesenchymal-epithelial transformation. Control of this unusual malignancy requires new approaches to earlier detection and entirely new therapeutic innovations.

This book has been translated to Chinese and Russian.

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