Teaching Aids

In his past lecture series, Dr. Tabár used thousands of glass-framed 35mm slides and drew illustrations on yellow transparencies that were projected on overhead. These effective albeit cumbersome tools were his format for training more than fifteen thousand medical professionals over a span of sixteen years.

  • The recent developments of revolutionary computer technology, such as Microsoft’s Tablet PC initiative and “digital ink”-capable PowerPoint software, have enabled Dr. Tabár to considerably improve his ability to communicate with the audience. High-resolution images of his highly appreciated teaching slides and digital mammograms/large thin and thick section (3D) histology/hand-held ultrasound and 3D automated ultrasound/breast MRI are now displayed in innovative PowerPoint presentations. Tablet PC technology makes it possible both to draw directly onto the PowerPoint slides and also produce stand-alone hand-drawn illustrations.
  • These new tools have enabled Dr. Tabár to create a completely new series of presentations, replacing the outdated analog lecture tools.

Tablet PC Technology

The images below are some random samples from one of Dr. Tabár’s recent lectures. Some of the samples are freehand drawings made on-the-fly during the lecture, while others contain the high quality mammographic and/or histologic images enhanced by his spontaneous digital ink drawings. The result is a seamless and efficient communication between lecturer and audience.

These are some of the many drawings created in real-time during the course.  These drawings provide better understanding of the teaching points, explaining pathophysiology of the benign and malignant breast diseases, and make the course more interesting and entertaining.