Detection and Diagnosis of Breast Diseases Using the Multimodality Approach

The lectures on each major subject will be followed by interactive sessions consisting of a mixture of normal and early cancer cases presented on the large screen exactly as they appear on a viewing station at screening. Using a specially provided polling program downloaded to each participant’s smartphone or tablet, the attendees will be asked to vote anonymously on each case. The aggregate results will appear instantly for discussion and evaluation. This new course design gives immediate feedback demonstrating the effectiveness of various screening methods.             

During the course the attendees will progressively improve their interpretive expertise, as they learn the full spectrum of normal breast images, with the important findings explained with the help of 3-dimensional histology images.

These skills will lead to fewer call-backs and greater confidence in reading a large number of mammograms.

Immediate feedback and discussion of every case throughout every reading session.

Special emphasis will be placed on finding early phase breast cancers.  

All abnormal cases are fully worked up and the complete imaging workup will be presented in detail, including ultrasound, MRI and large section histopathology.

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